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Why You Should Join the North Central Tire Dealers and Suppliers Association

  • Are you and your employees getting the necessary training to keep you current in today’s rapidly changing parts and tire industry?
  • How often to you attend a trade show to check out the latest parts, equipment, and business services?
  • How good is your insurance carrier? Do you get competitive bids?
  • Do you have a group of peers in the same type of business that you can call for information and advice?
  • Are you aware when there is new state and national legislation that could adversely affect your business? Do you have someone that will represent you?
  • Who notifies you of tire and equipment theft and scam operations in your area?
  • How have you answered these questions? As a business owner, $150 a year is a small amount to pay to be involved in a regional association exclusively for tire dealers and their affiliated suppliers.

“We can accomplish collectively as an association what we cannot accomplish individually.”

Join the best in the business by becoming a member of the North Central Tire Dealers and Suppliers Association.

Membership Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of membership in NCTDSA is the exchange of ideas, important information and knowledge of new techniques, as well as providing a chance to meet with other dealers to compare practices, procedures, and problems of everyday business. Many long-lasting friendships and alliances have been made through the Association.

A newsletter, the Bead Breaker, is published monthly, bringing members the latest Association and industry news. Articles featuring members, both tire dealers and suppliers, are also included in the publication on a regular basis. Members may utilize the Bead Breaker to place want ads at no charge.

All NCTDSA members, at the time they renew their yearly membership, receive a new window identification decal.

Members are informed by Broadcast FAQs of tire and equipment thefts, scam operations, and any new legislation that may affect the tire industry.

Among the many supporters of NCTDSA, the strongest is Federated Insurance Company, which offers many competitive insurance programs for member dealers.

Benefits of NCTDSA Membership

  • Technical training
  • Business management seminars
  • Annual trade show with latest parts, equipment, techniques, and services
  • Networking and sharing of information with other dealers
  • Long lasting friendships and alliances
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Broadcast FAQs of tire and equipment thefts, scams, and pending state/federal industry legislation
  • Federated Insurance Co. with many competitive insurance programs

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Who We Are

What began as a small group of tire dealers in the 1960s grew into the Minneapolis Tire Dealers Association. Later, the entire states of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota were combined into the present North Central Tire Dealers and Suppliers Association, Inc. (NCTDSA). Many of today’s businesses have been affiliated with the Association since its inception in 1965.

In addition to its officers, the Board of Directors is made up of 19 tire dealers, 5 supplier members, and the executive director.

NCTDSA has four meetings per year for general members.

The Mid-Winter Conference and Trade Show, the first meeting of the year, is usually held in the Twin Cities area.

The second meeting is the Annual Summer Outing and is usually held outside of the Twin Cities area. The installation of the Board of Directors, which occurs every other year, is one of the many things that takes place at this meeting.

The Annual Tireman’s Holiday Party, the third meeting, is held in December. In the last few years, this event has been held at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, in Chanhassen, MN.

The board of directors meets on an as-needed basis, sometimes monthly. Members may attend any of the board of directors meetings. The list of NCTDSA officers and board of directors can be found on page two of the Association’s monthly newsletter, the Bead Breaker.

What We Are

The stated purpose of the Association is as printed in the by-laws:
The objectives of the corporation are to advance and safeguard the business interests of its members:

  • To promote standards of ethics of its members and the tire industry
  • To promote harmony, goodwill, and understanding among its members
  • To encourage an exchange of ideas, technical knowledge, and retailing and wholesaling procedures
  • To improve the quality and standards of the products of the new tire and retreading industry
  • To promote cooperation between members and persons in local, state and national regulating bodies regarding problems affecting the tire and retreading industry
  • To acquaint, through advertising and other means, the buying public with the true value of the tire dealer in the community
(Article II, Purpose-Bylaws)

When issues and potential laws affecting tire dealers arise at the state level, members of the NCTDSA board of directors gets actively involved by attending legislative sessions and meeting with state legislators.

NCTDSA maintains an office in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.